Hosts (L to R): Ev, Edes and Berto


Voice of Chaos is a weekly podcast and radio show that features 100% Australian heavy music hosted by Berto, Ev and Edes.

Founded in 2014 by Berto (ex Dyasphere), Voice of Chaos started out as a project to write and release some heavy music. Realising that kicking off a full band at this time in his life would be extremely challenging, but still having a burning passion for the heavy music scene it was decided that Voice of Chaos needed to be something more..

In 2015, under a monthly format, the Voice of Podcast was launched.  In early 2016, after being engaged by US internet radio station – Stone Chrome Radio, the show moved to a weekly format and can now be heard as a podcast or live (pre recorded) on Stone Chrome Radio.

Voice of Chaos prides itself on playing only music under permission from the bands and/or their management.  Should you wish to have your tunes played on the show please contact us.