Album Review: Nucleust – Resistivity EP

One of the coolest things about running Voice of Chaos is stumbling across bands I have never heard before in the quest to find the best Australia has to offer.  This happened today when I found myself checking out Perth band Nucleust.

Before I get in to the review I have to say how awesome these guys are.  After checking out their first offering Fracture Equilibrium and being impressed by the grooves, heaviness and chunk that it provided I had to hit them up to play their tunes on the show.  Not only were they quick to respond and accomodating, they gave me access to their new EP before it’s release.  Cheers fellas, this is why I love the Aussie metal scene!

Nucleust-EP-Resistivity-hires The Resistivity EP drops August 26th and I HIGHLY recommend you get a hold of a copy.  Kicking off with Fear the Fearless, which the band has released a pretty sweet looking lyric video for, you are immediately hooked into the groove of the track.  I found myself quickly screaming along to vocalist Shannon’s cries of “This World’s Unstable” – so needs to be on a shirt!  I have to say the guitar and bass licks on this one are really cool.  Creating interest without becoming audibly complex or distracting and well placed.

Next I was greeted by one of the best and unexpected interludes I have heard in a long time.  Busting out an old Persian instrument, the tanbur, a wonderful tune is played that creates atmosphere and tension leading into their next track of King and Trees.

Of King and Trees opens with a driving riff with the tanbur being played underneath.  This adds a certain element of beauty to a heavy as hell riff.  Shannon’s vocals on this track are absolutely stunning as he has opted for more cleaner singing throughout.  Don’t worry though, this is no ballad, with growl to satisfy.  I have to say this track is becoming a personal favourite on each listen.

Rounding off the EP is Faith By The Sword, a balls to the wall track that grabs you and doesn’t let go.  I suspect this one will quickly become a fan favourite and will cause much pit eruption.  About halfway the track heads into a melodic run that still holds it’s aggressiveness to then come out into a chunky breakdown that will open up pits for sure.

Now these guys are on my radar I will be keeping my ear on them.  Looking forward to catching them live!




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